5 Best Products for Sports and Recreation

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

This colorful mat has been specifically designed as a durable and resilient Yoga mat. Featuring a layer of tear-resistant cotton in the middle of the mat, this Yoga mat is hard to tear or damage. Take it on holiday, to the park, to the office or simply use it in your living room! All you need is some free time and this mat and you’ll be able to meditate, exercise and relax wherever and whenever you feel the need. Feel this mats soft and cushioned quality during restorative poses and on your knees on all sorts of ground, whether outside or inside.

Smart Watches with Fitness Tracker

This great quality exercise sports watch with a LCD display keeps track of your exercise regime.Providing you accurate, real-time training data based on your pulse and personal fitness level, this Sports Exercise Watch is a must-have training accessory for weekly gym-goers, sports enthusiasts, and everyone in between. This sports exercise watch is the most convenient way to ensure optimal fitness whilst working out and is easy to use and features a slim design. Its lightweight frame makes it perfect for outdoor running, mountain climbing or even use in the gym. In addition, this modern and stylish watch will look good whilst exercising as well as when out socializing with friends.

Digital Jump Skip Rope

This digital jump rope has a built in timer, calorie and jump counter and helps you shed the weight quickly even if you have little coordination. This jumping rope features calorie counting options and offers all the benefits of a normal jumping rope but with so much more! Take this wherever you go; to the gym, the office or outdoors on your regular exercise days. This rope tracks calories burned, the amount of jumps/swings and time, allowing you to keep on top of your training goals. Great for professionals or people who just want to get back into shape this year!! This ultimate portable exercise equipment is simply slipped into your purse, vehicle or pocket, so you can takeyour exercise schedule on the road.

Home Sit-up Abdomen Training Kit

Feel the need to get rid of that flab building up on your tummy? Well then there are two ways to get rid of it. One way is too get back on that diet and the second way is to work hard and do sit ups! Doing sit-ups on your own with your feet under the table is a little boring and de motivations! So here is the perfect motivator. Stick it in the living room and it’ll be nagging you everyday to get your body back into shape! This exercise machine is the perfect size to leave in the corner of your room, under the bed or in a convenient space.

Power Gyro Wrist Ball

This gyro wrist exercise ball is a great way to get back into the swing of exercising. It’s an easy introduction to toning your arm muscles. It doesn’t look it, but when spinning in full gyro movement, it’s q challenge to see how long you can last and can truly tone your forearm up. It’s great for strengthening your arms if you have had some sort of arm injury, this offers controlled exercise techniques to help your arm recover in a relaxed manner. This gyro ball is also great for sportsmen who like to play ball sports such as tennis, squash, table tennis or any other racket sport. It will strengthen your are to give you the power you need on the court!