AliExpress Black Friday Sale 2023 – Coupons and Promo Codes

AliExpress Black Friday Coupons

Black Friday is the biggest sales time of the year, starting on Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Since 1996, this date has been the beginning of Christmas discounts, promotions, and sales, in all stores all over the world.

In the US, Black Friday is a huge event. The longest queue ever occurring here gathered more than 3,000 people, and was several miles long, because the discounts during sale time can reach up to 95 percent. Around 200 million people take advantage of the Black Friday every year, and according to statistics, the buyers spend around 60 billion dollars – worldwide – in these 72 hours of the sale period.

At AliExpress, you can choose from more than 10 million products with incredible discounts!

Best AliExpress Black Friday Coupons and Promo Codes

(To activate the AliExpress Black Friday promo codes click on the link below. If the coupons will not be activated automatically, type a promo code manually by submitting your order)

BFCM23 – $23 off over $190 ? Visit AliExpress

BFCM18 – $15 off over $150 ? Visit AliExpress

BFCM18 – $12 off over $100 ? Visit AliExpress

BFCM7 – $7 off over $50 ? Visit AliExpress

Advantages of the AliExpress Black Friday Sale

Black Friday on Aliexpress combines the benefits of Black Friday sales and online sales, two in one. The most outstanding benefits are: 

  • you can browse online, and in contrast to in-store sales day, you don’t need to battle the crowd 
  • you have more time for informed decision making, because you can read the description, and even google the product on other platforms 
  • the prices are definitely better 
  • you can order products from home or from your office, it’s all online 
  • the platform works well on mobile devices, so you don’t even need a PC or laptop to make an order and benefit from sales time 
  • you can compare prices on the platform, or across different platforms, too 
  • you can get a precious opinion from a friend or mom, by simply giving them the link to the product you want
  • Black Friday Aliexpress is a good time to order Christmas presents for friends and family!

How to Find Best Black Friday Deals on

To find the best deals and avoid wasting your money on goods you don’t need, take time to browse through the category of goods you are interested in, and save tabs with the products you liked best. Then, go and read the descriptions, and compare prices. You can also google the same goods on other sites and see whether Aliexpress prices are the best for you. Take another minute to check out the other buyers’ comments and feedback. If you have an Aliexpress Black Friday coupon, this fact can also play a decisive role in choosing one good over the other.

Interesting Facts About Black Friday on Aliexpress

AliExpress is located in China, and it operates according to some strict rules. Firstly, the platform differs greatly from services like eBay or Amazon, and during Black Friday, the prices can be way lower than on any other platforms. Secondly, you will not find offers from merchants based elsewhere; only Chinese companies or individuals sell goods at AliExpress; this also means that for some goods, the discounts may be lower or higher than average percent across the platform. And eventually, if you are located in Europe or US, you will see sales starting earlier on AliExpress, obviously due to the time zone.

What is AliExpress Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is another sales day that happens on the first Monday after the Black Friday. The main difference is that on Friday, discounts are provided in land based stores, while on Monday, the sales begin in online stores. AliExpress also supports this tradition, too, despite the fact that online sales take place on both days.


What is Black Friday on Aliexpress?

This is a sales day on Friday in November, usually the last Friday of the month; on this day, most stores offer sales and discounts, and AliExpress is not an exception.

When is AliExpress Black Friday?

Black Friday is a global event, usually taking place on the last Friday of November. If you want to take advantage of this event, check it out in advance.

How does Black Friday at AliExpress work?

On Black Friday, the store gives discounts for various goods. To get the most out of the discounts, you can use Aliexpress coupon code Black Friday.