Aliexpress shoes – How to choose?

When a person comes to a regular shoe store, he is not difficult to make a choice. Experienced sellers will offer him many different models, from which he will definitely choose a pair that he will like. Thanks to the opportunity to try on the proposed shoes, a person will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the model he liked. It is important that the shoes are stable, do not press anywhere, and gently fit the leg.

But the shoe store, which is located close to your home, unfortunately, will not be able to satisfy all your desires. Often in some stores there are simply no large sizes of shoes. And to order them a certain model, which has never been delivered there, will be very expensive. Therefore, more and more people trust shoe online stores.

The greatest joy is the presence of many interesting models: shoes, boots, boots and everything. An order is placed rather quickly and easily, which is good news. However, the most annoying thing is that you can only attach such shoes to the leg visually, so you can miscalculate a little with the exact size. But this does not matter, any type of shoes can be returned and exchanged for the size you need.

But after the desired purchase, you can enjoy watching passers-by who look at charming shoes every now and then. It is always nice when you know that you have favorite clothes that attract attention and beautiful comfortable shoes.

So how to choose the right Aliexpress shoes if you decide to make a purchase on Aliexpress? How to get the model you like without being able to try it on?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Many people prefer to buy shoes of a certain brand, which they know well, the models of which they bought earlier in ordinary stores and, accordingly, are confident in the chosen size. But even if the buyer liked the model of an unfamiliar brand, he will be able to choose a stylish, beautiful and comfortable pair.

Shoes are always better to buy a size larger. In this case, she will not press in the toe or in the lift.

People who have a non-standard foot shape need to choose shoes very carefully.

We measure your foot with a pencil and paper

Before proceeding directly to the measurements – a few useful tips:

Measurements are best done at the end of the day or after sports, when the size of the leg increases due to a rush of blood.
Put on your socks – you will not wear shoes on your bare foot (unless in summer). However, be careful – a too thick sock can seriously affect the accuracy of sizing.
We recommend measuring both legs (the length of the feet may vary slightly) and take the greatest result as the basis.

In order to optimally choose a shoe model, it is necessary to know the foot length with a high degree of accuracy.

Foot length

You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

– Draw a long straight line on the sheet.
– Lay the sheet on a flat surface.
– Place your foot on the sheet so that the heel and the longest of the toes (for someone it will be the first thumb, as in the figure below, for someone the second) are exactly on the line.

Mark the tip of the finger and the heel with a pencil (the pencil should be placed strictly vertically, without losing contact with the foot).

Measure the distance between the resulting intersected lines.

Do not forget to do the same with the second foot.
Usually, for right-handed people, the left leg can be slightly longer than the right, in left-handed people, respectively, vice versa. Compare the measurement values ​​of both feet and take the greatest result as the basis. This will be your foot length.

Find in the table below what size your foot length corresponds to.

Having looked at the shoe model on Aliexpress, pay attention to the table with dimensions. According to the above data, you can easily choose the appropriate size. Please note that on Aliexpress every seller has his own size chart