AliExpress USA – Features, Benefits, and Best Shopping Opportunities in 2023

Millions of people from different countries make purchases on the Internet every day. The principles for choosing the right product always remain the same: price and quality matching, brand awareness, free delivery, promotions and discounts, wholesale in the USA, etc. Nevertheless, this approach to shopping has some drawbacks that the giant in the field of international sales – AliExpress – has successfully overcome. A huge catalog of products on US and the minimum international delivery time are the main benefits of a platform.

Online Shopping on AliExpress

Internet users are forced to spend a lot of time searching for different goods on different sites, such as Alibaba wholesale USA. If you decide to buy something in an offline store like a virtual megamarket, then you need to be prepared for a significant increase in the price. But you can always find an intermediate solution between the time and money spent on a purchase thanks to AliExpres while also benefiting from the originality of the ordered products.

AliExpress Coupons in 2023

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Main Features of AliExpress

AliExpress Features

The Aliexpress America online store was founded several decades ago as an intermediary in the sale of goods of Chinese origin. Today, this eponymous company has achieved unprecedented heights in international sales not only because of the range of Chinese products being offered on a platform but also due to branded products from other countries being available for the purchase as well.

The main distinctive feature of Alliexpres is that its catalog covers proposals of direct suppliers of products manufactured in different countries. This includes both the Asian region as well as European and American countries. Among product manufacturers, you will find well-known brands, new developing manufacturing companies, designers, and other business participants. Thus, you will have plenty of choices. On top of that, thanks to China’s policy regarding the operation of postal services, small-sized goods are often delivered free of charge from the country’s territory.

Taking into account how purchase deals are arranged on a platform, buying on www Aliexpress is profitable since the products are sold from direct suppliers. You can also buy many different goods at once without the need for multiple authorizations, entering delivery data, etc. Now let’s define the main features of the service itself and its catalog.

  • The interface of the site is moderately catchy and immediately focuses on what promotions are held on the portal, which bonuses and discounts on purchases can be obtained. There are separate sections for hot offers, sales, and customer reviews, which makes the platform easy to navigate on. Buyers do not need to view a large number of offers; the best of them are in sight.
  • Search filters on allow you to set limit values ​​for the cost of goods, seller ratings, delivery conditions, etc. This makes it possible for you to choose and buy everything you need on Aliexpress us quickly by simply looking at the general catalog of goods.
  • Speaking about the catalog of the Aliexpress USA, due to the internationality of customers, there is a multilingual service, which makes it even easier to find a product you are interested in if you access Aliexpress English USA.
  • The ability to purchase goods at retail and small wholesale directly from Chinese wholesalers without overpaying to intermediaries. That is why some domestic entrepreneurs use the USA platform for the purchase of goods for their subsequent resale in the USA with their own wrapping, of course.
  • Shopping security is provided by the Escrow system. Its meaning is that the seller will not receive money for the goods until the buyer confirms to have received the good in his personal account. Until confirmation, the money is frozen on the guarantor’s account. This system allows customers to protect themselves from Chinese crooks and dishonest sellers.
  • The Aliexpress website is focused specifically on the sale of goods outside of China. Therefore, everything is buzzing with the delivery. Many sellers offer free shipping to USA. Of course, no one will operate at a loss.
  • Another benefit related to the delivery terms is the provision of the package’s tracking number for free.
  • Everything is comfortable and easy with paying for goods – Visa and MasterCard, QIWI and even PayPal are accepted no matter if you access Aliexpress USA English or from any European country.
  • The opportunity to make contact with the seller before the purchase and the chance to clarify all the nuances of the product is another good thing of a platform. Thus, you can even easily get a personal discount from the seller.
  • The developed seller rating system and numerous reviews allow you to choose only trusted suppliers.
  • Regular discounts, sales and the opportunity to save by making group purchases.
  • The greatest thing about in English is the ability to find some products “from the manufacturer,” without extra charges from resellers. You will also have a variety of alternatives to prices, colors, styles, and materials. On the platform, a lot of highly specific goods are available; you will hardly find them on the US market.
  • There is a high probability of getting an additional discount if you talk to the seller.
  • If the goods are damaged during transportation, do not despair – you will receive a replacement or compensation if you inform the seller. Everyone is very concerned about their reputation on the portal.

All the above features make www Aliexpress com USA popular all over the world and ensure constant growth of the platform audience.

Finding a Good Seller on the Platform

Aliexpress-Good-SellerTaking into account the number of available offers and sellers on, finding a trustworthy marketeer can be a difficult thing.

To distinguish a good seller on AliExpress, we recommend you to check the following three parameters:

  • The seller rating – if it is more than 85, you can safely buy goods from this seller;
  • The frequency of a purchase of a particular product (indicated in the upper right corner) – the higher it is, the better;
  • User reviews – it is never a good idea to buy from a seller whose reviews are only negative. We highly recommend you to always check this information. By the way, reading user reviews, you can also know the speed of delivery, specifically to your city or area.

How to Save Even More with AliExpress?

Although Aliexpress com USA is already offering cheap prices, you still have a chance to benefit from juicy offers. Here are some of the secrets of how to get a discount.

1. During holidays everything is 50% cheaper

The biggest discounts on the Aliexpress USA website are found during sales dedicated to any event. The largest one takes place every November on “Bachelor’s Day” (Nov 11th). The second largest annual sale is on Black Friday, which takes place each Friday after Thanksgiving day. Massive discounts on Ali express USA can be found in May during the AliExpress Birthday sale. What is more, some sellers arrange sales for Chinese holidays, such as Dragon Boats in May and Independence Day in October.

2. Check out the Shock Price Section Every Day

In the daily updated “Shock-price” section, you can find smartphones, computers and other equipment at a good price. Every day, there will be a new product. Discounts sometimes reach up to 50% because sellers get to publish promotional products, whose sales are expected to get good reviews.

“Discount of the day” is another important section of Aliexpress united states with prices 30-60% lower than the original ones. Unlike “Shock-prices.” “Discount of the day” is valid only for a day and for a limited amount of goods.

3. Save up to 30% by Buying from Brands

Promotions involve not only individual independent sellers but also large companies representing well-known brands on Alli Express com. Compared to other stores, such as Alibaba express USA, discounts reach 30-40% there. All the best offers of this kind are collected in the Brand Focus section.

4. Look for Discounts in the Mobile App: 15% and more

Many sellers reduce the prices of individual products as part of a promotion. The benefit is a small but real discount of up to 15% of the original price. Often next to the price you can see another, a lower alternative. It is valid for the Allexpress com mobile app, you have a chance to check it out yourself.

5. Get Coupons

You can also get reduced prices when using special coupons or checking a special section “Cheaper with friends.” You will find some interesting promotion campaigns there, with “Cut the price to a dollar” and “Discount for two” being some of them.

How to Buy Even Cheaper?

Want even cheaper? There are several ways to reduce the price of a sale or after receiving a discount.

1. Get Access to Closed Sales

For purchases, completing special tasks, and correspondence with sellers, Aliexpress.con accrues bonus points for each user and increases the level: silver, gold, platinum, or diamond. With each new level, you will get new advantages, for example, holiday coupons. Reduced prices are available to the “golden” buyer, while “platinum” and “diamond” become a pass to closed sales. In addition, these users receive a permanent discount of $15 and $30 respectively.

2. When Buying Together – 70% Discount (Valid for Mobile App)

The “Cheaper with friends” section offers an interesting selection of products with a discounted price. Such an offer can be obtained for a third of the price by fulfilling the terms of the “Discount for two” promotion:

  • reserve goods at a discount;
  • get a special link to the goods;
  • share it with a friend.

If a friend purchases the goods via the link within 24 hours, both parties of the transaction receive the goods at a discount of 70%. It’s also worth seeing if there are any open “joint purchases” for the product you need, this will allow you not to look for friends to buy. You can instead team up with strangers for a discount.

3. Add Coupons to Discounts

Coupons give an additional discount upon purchase. They come in several types and different denominations.

  • Ordinary us Aliexpress coupons can be easily obtained or for some action, for example, when registering on the site or for completing a specific task.
  • Sellers’ coupons are valid for a certain category of goods and can be used only when buying products of a particular price.
  • USA Aliexpress special coupons apply to any product. They can be used with sellers’ coupons and added up with other discounts. But you can only get them in a mobile application or during promotions/sales. Most often, their validity is limited by the category of goods or the time period.

4. Change Coins for Coupons (Mobile App Only)

Coupons can be also purchased by exchanging coins. You can find detailed instructions on the Aliexpress website in the “Coupons and Payment” section. Coins are awarded for completing tasks and even for daily check of the application. A number of sellers accept coins as payment, so you do not even need to use your money when making a purchase.

Besides, coins can be also exchanged for Ali Express US special coupons and seller coupons. A special coupon for $2 costs 20 coins; a coupon for $6 can be exchanged for 60 coins; there are also coupons for $10 and $12. Bear in mind that the coupons from sellers are usually half the price.

5. Communicate with a Seller and Get Discounts

Oddly enough, the easiest way to reduce the price is to write the seller in a chat. Many merchants willingly offer a small coupon that can be combined with coupons of the site itself. The seller may also offer a discount for you joining the advertising community in one of the social networks.

How to Get Goods for Free?

Aliexpress Goods

As you can see, discounts of up to 70% are a reality on usa. What is more, you can also buy smartphones for $1 or receive aliexpress free products! How does it work and how can you get into an offer?

1. Share the Link and Buy for $1(in mobile app only)

In the “Cheaper with friends” section of the mobile application, there is another action: “Cut the price to $1.” Unlike the “Discount for two,” it contains expensive smartphones, tablets, and computers that you can buy for just $1. To do this, you need:

  • reserve the goods available in the action;
  • get a special link to this item;
  • send the link to all friends registered on;
  • wait for a certain number of Aliexpress USA buyers to reserve this product.

As soon as a certain limit of buyers is reached, the seller will close the promotion and begin sending out the goods to the deal participants. Whoever opens it receives the goods for $1; the rest will have to pay the full price.

2. Become a Blogger and Get Free Products (in Mobile App Only)

The blog platform in the application allows you to write reviews in various formats according to the site’s tasks. Thus, receiving goods for free is easy. The more active the blog is, the greater the chance of receiving a promotional item as a gift from the seller.

In the “Freebie” section, which is also available only in the mobile version of the site, sellers post test products, which have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews. Their number is limited, but still, you will have what to choose from. Users leave applications for a free sample, and the seller selects them according to their criteria.

Active members of the “Shopaholic Club” (independent bloggers) in the Aliexpres USA application are the first in the queue for receiving free items for testing. In addition, they can independently offer sellers’ goods interesting to them, receiving coupons, and big discounts for reviews.

3. Share the Link to the Product and Earn Real Money

In the “Share and earn” section of the American Aliexpress application, you can earn real money just by telling your friends about them (links only work 15 days). Just select an item and click on the “Share” button. When someone buys a product using your link, you get a commission that can be spent on partial or full payment for purchases on Aliexpress in the USA or can be withdrawn to a bank account. Each item has its own commission rate (percentage for purchase by reference), so clarify it with the Aliexpress US seller.

4. Buy Goods Without any Extra Expenses

On top of the above, there are a number of small life hacks for Aliexpress USA uses that accelerate delivery and reduce the final purchase price. Aliexpress USA shipping may cost you nothing or even exceed the price of the goods. One of the best ways to save money is to choose Aliexpress free shipping (you can even enable the corresponding filter in the search).  Benefit from free shipping in USA with AliExpress.

Final Say!

AliExpress is one of the largest trading platforms in the world. It will be able to compete with other most popular online markets, such as eBay and Amazon in the near future. Why will this happen? Taking into account that the Aliexpress US site is only 4 years old, it is now close to reaching the popularity of Amazon, AlibabaExpress, and others trading giants. There is almost everything on AliExpress: clothing, accessories, gadgets, mobile devices, spare parts and accessories for cars, decor items, and much more. In a word, the entire Chinese industry is represented on On top of that, more and more world-renowned brands are starting to appear on the platform.