Aliexpress Watches 2023 – All That You Need To Know To Improve Your Style

Cell phones are increasingly replacing watches as a method to tell time. However, for those who say that watches are a thing of the past, well, they are wrong. Watches are not just there to tell time, they are a status symbol. A really good watch doesn’t just keep time, it tells the condition of the owner’s bank account.

There are 2 types of watches, mechanical and battery-powered. Battery-powered watches can be digital (no hands, only numbers) or quartz (looks mechanical, but battery-powered) or even a combination of digital and quartz.

Mechanical Watches from Aliexpress

Mechanical Watches Aliexpress

Mechanical watches are watches with a spring mechanism that needs hand-winding.  Because of their technical feature, mechanical watches are not as accurate as electronic or quartz watches.

But despite this fact, brand name mechanical watches are a symbol of prestige. Their prices are hundreds if not thousands of times higher than quartz watches.

Automatic Watches from Aliexpress

Automatic watches are mechanical watches that don’t require winding up. These watches are powered kinetically; using the arm movement of its wearer.

Quartz Watches from Aliexpress

Quartz watches have a quartz crystal as a vibration system. It is the most convenient type of watch as it doesn’t require winding up. All you need is a battery and your quartz watch will last as long as the battery lasts (usually several years, depending on the battery).

Quartz mechanism makes it is possible to create thin and light watches. So apart from the conventional designs, quartz watches also come in as many designs as you can think of.

It is increasingly becoming fashionable to own few pairs of watches for different social events. One can have a classic watch for ordinary use, a sports watch for sports activities and a more serious looking one for black tie events. Since expensive watches have the potential to break the bank, online marketplaces such as AliExpress is always a good choice to shop for affordable, yet stylish watches.