Arc Touch Mouse Review

Arc Touch Mouse has always been a coveted name in the world of computer hardware and has a respectable position for its hardware, but because of some revolutionary designs from Apple and for the fact that it took complete one year to come up with the Magic Mouse, the company was considered lagging behind Apple. The Arc Touch mouse, which was launched last year, was the flagship designer mouse for the company. This mouse was launched in the market to abridge the gap between the preceding Arc mouse and the impending launch of the Arc Touch Mouse which is set to enter the markets this summer.

The functionality for the Arc comes from a touch strip, which has been placed on a silver bar on the frontage. This lets you to flick, and scrolling the page up and down, with the double tap to center click. The touch strip of the mouse could be a tad unusual for the users and definitely will take some time to get use to it, but the good thing is that once you get use to it you will be getting fast scrolling. This is superb for navigating in the document or for navigating the websites. This new mouse also offers the haptic feedback, and has allied sound, which imitates an old scroll wheel. It can be comfortable for some users, but we particularly are not a huge fan of the sound.

The buttons on the Arc Touch Mouse are nice and rigid, and perfect for the people who work on different surfaces such as desktop, wooden floor, arm of the sofa, duvet, kitchen counter, etc. The Arc Touch Mouse will probably work on any surface you want.

As far as design is concerned, the Arc Touch is a nice looking mouse. The mouse has got the kind of aesthetics, which will get you lots of attention in a coffee shop or any place where you will be using this mouse and to give the attention that it deserves. The best thing here is that the attractive design of the mouse doesn’t come at the price of the practicality, and we are happy to see that the mouse is immensely comfortable even during the prolonged use. Also, its ability to fold flat makes this mouse immensely travel friendly along with a Slimline design, which will easily slip into your pocket or into your laptop bag or case. The wireless transmitter for the mouse is so small, that you actually can insert it into a USB port and can forget about it. Also when you want to transport it, it easily gets accompanied to the underside of the mouse.

The Arc Touch mouse will be a pleasure for anyone who wants a gentle introduction to the broad world of touch-sensitive mice. But if you already are acquainted with the touch sensitive mouse then you can hang on for the impending touch mouse of the future.


The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is an antecedent to the impending Microsoft Touch Mouse and is really appealing. Arc Touch Mouse is ideal for anyone who loves having a good looking kit, and anyone who doesn’t want to use the same old mouse.