Discounts, Promotions, and Sales on Aliexpress 2023

Discounts Promotions and Sales on Aliexpress & Calendar Sales Aliexpress 2023

At regularly discounts and promotions as the platform Aliexpress and individual sellers. The most significant days of sales are focused on the global world festivals, as well as on national holidays.

Large and small holidays provide an opportunity for sellers to advertise their products and shops, make seasonal sales, promote a new product.

Days of sales are beneficial to both shops and customers. Sellers that would attract buyers to their pages, carefully monitor the official holidays of different countries and promote themed products, prepare discounts and coupons. Such marketing activities are used to attract attention, increase awareness and promote the brand, seller, store.

The list of holidays and sales on Aliexpress allows you to plan purchases with maximum benefit.

Sales, Promotions and Discounts for, Dedicated to Holidays and Events:


  • May 1-international workers ‘ solidarity Day
  • May 13-mother’s Day
  • The may sale “a Rest and buy»


  • 1 June-international children’s day
  • “Youth Summer»
  • Father’s day
  • Summer discounts, goods for rest


  • Wedding season
  • Summer discounts, goods for rest


  • Wedding season
  • Summer sale
  • Getting ready for school
  • Aliexpress 100 best brands
  • August 28-September 1 sale ” end of summer»


  • “Favorite things in a new performance.”
  • 24 September 2018 mid-autumn Festival in China.


  • October 31-Halloween


  • 11 November 2018-Home sale of the year 11.11 on Oh? Product announcements, pre-orders, drawings, games and promotions begin a week before the main day of the festival.
  • November 23 – black Friday 2018 at Aliexpress
  • November 26th cyber Monday 2018 at Aliexpress
  • 28 November – 5 December ” Toys under the tree»


  • 12.12. Day of sales. Big discounts on Chinese website
  • Christmas sale