Hobby RC Planes Review

The RC toy industry sub-culture is a huge industry with people spending thousands of dollars a year on gear and toys with a wide variety of RC toys ranging from almost life sized jet planes to miniature remote controlled cars, controlled via smartphone and App! Are you one of these people? For those of you who have always had the desire to take to the sky, dirt track or water on a budget RC vehicle but have never had the courage to actually splash out on a remote controlled toy, then this blog is for you. RC aircraft range from gliders to jet planes to helicopters and come in a range of prices, speeds, shapes and colors! If you simply look on YouTube and type in RC planes there are thousands of videos to get you started with many “how to”, including many amazing almost life sized remote controlled aircraft. Anyway, here are a few RC planes that might be a great initiation into the world of RC toys and that won’t break the bank either! So good luck with your new hobby. hope this blog helps!

Cessna 182 6-CH Radio Control Model

Cessna 182 model 500 class airplane is a classical light plane featuring a 1300mm wingspan, making this plane great for the park or any open field or area. This plane is so easy to put together and fly, with very few parts, that you’ll put it together and be flying in about 10 minutes! With a pleasant appearance you’ll be the envy of other RC plane enthusiasts around. Coming with a quality, hefty remote control with 2400mAh capacity, you’ll be out all day long with no battery problems. This model not only looks great from afar but also up close in detail. With a high attention to detail including the inside and outside such as the instrument panel as well as joy stick and signal cable, makes this model a super purchase. With strobe lighting and a main landing light on the wing, you’ll be able to fly this plane at night.

RTF 2CH HL803 EPP Material

This RTF Brand model aircraft is made of a sturdy and robust EPO material, meaning that it won’t break easily, which also means that you’ll be able to practice with this whist making mistakes, without having to buy another one straight after take off! And coming in at 534mm long and 280mm high, with a wingspan of 640mm, this is no small plane, but a fair size RC aircraft. This RTF has a 300 meter radio controlled distance, giving you a huge area to practice and have lots of fun with. Like all the other models in this Aircraft category, with relatively few parts, you’ll have this put together and be up and flying in a matter of minutes. This aircraft although simple to construct and even more simple to fly, should only be used by anyone over the age of 14 years old, as advised by the manufacturer. This plane is great for anyone who has an appreciation of these types of traditional planes or anyone who just wants to give RC a try on the weekends in the park!

EDF F-86 Sabre RC Airplane

EDF Sabre F-86 4-CH radio control model airplane features a dusted fans making this more resistant to air and thus faster and more streamlined through the air. Coming with a radio controlled transmitter/remote this RC plane feels every bit as solid and professional as a $1000 RC plane! Like other models of it’s range, this plane is also easy to put together and will be in the air almost straight out the box. Suitable for any North American plane enthusiast or weekend hobbyist over 14 years old, all the same. The Sabre harks back to the Korean War in the 1950′s during the cold war between Russia and North America. So if you have any interest in world history or old aircraft, then this is the plane for you! Featuring a 250 meter range, you’ll have plenty of space to become acquainted with your new RC toy. And this model Sabre F-86 has a wingspan of 450mm and a length of 448mm, so it’s not a large as the others and will fit perfectly in your cupboard for whenever you want to take it to the park or RC playground.

EPS RC Airplane Dynam Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth is a nice piece of kit. Also made from a EPO material, this model aircraft is durable and great for Sundays in the park or on the moors, the beach or wherever you happen to live! A great starter plane that’s easy to put together right out the box. this would be a great present for yourself or child over the age of 14 years or as a first RC toy for you to get to grips with the skies. The original Tiger Moth was build in 1430 and ended service around the 1960′s meaning that it was a great military and civilian practice plane, as it was highly reliable and stable. Therefore this should also be a reliable and great practice plane for anyone trying their hand at RC planes. With a wingspan of 560mm and 495mm long, this is a stable plane and the perfect first plane for you. Also featuring a 300-500 meter range, you’ll be able to set this flyer free!

WLtoys F949 RC Plane 3CH 2.4G

WLtoys F949 radio controlled Jet fighter also features dual dusted fans and dual rotor for faster and a more fluid flight, whilst in the sky. One of Americas greatest fighting jets ever built. This model is not only fast and mean looking but is a beautifully constructed and made piece of RC gear, definitely giving you some street cred on the scene. featuring an amazing 1000mm wingspan and an elegant 980mm length, this is one bird meant to fly. Also made from an EPO material, this jet will take a few bumps and scrapes without too much damage. Though, perhaps try on your friends RC plane first 🙂 And with a 2200mAh battery, you’ll get plenty of play time with this model with only a 90 minute charge. Also coming with a fair sized and quality feeling remote control, you’ll think you are flying a much better and more expensive model plane! And this jet will fly as far as 500 meters, giving you plenty of space to earn your wings! This fighter jet RC plane is made for those with danger lust and should be kept out of the hands of children. Children around the ages of 14 should be supervised.