Best AliExpress Coupons 2021 & How To Use Guide

Aliexpress sale 2021 is in full swing already! Save money by getting your Aliexpress coupon $4 as a sign-up bonus right after registration. Aliexpress coupon $5 and more coupon codes for Aliexpress are right there on our website. Discover Aliexpress USA all coupons to get the most beneficial deals and offers from leading vendors online.

AliExpress Promo Codes in November 2021


BFCM23 – $23 off over $190 ? Visit AliExpress

BFCM18 – $15 off over $150 ? Visit AliExpress

BFCM18 – $12 off over $100 ? Visit AliExpress

BFCM7 – $7 off over $50 ? Visit AliExpress

All Promo Codes:

  • VETERANALI – $2/15
  • JAREK1111 – $2/15
  • ALIBLACK20 – $2/20
  • ALIBLACK50 – $5/50
  • omen48black5 – $8/60
  • ESDEALIBF – $8/60
  • aliradiotechblack5 – $8/60
  • sannovblack5 – $8/60
  • alikdaromblack5 – $8/60
  • exlerblack5 – $8/60
  • LoveShoppingblack5 – $8/60
  • aliformanblack5 – $8/60
  • manaliexblack5 – $8/60
  • AlpaChinablack5 – $8/60
  • dvemordblack5 – $8/60
  • andersmithblack5 – $8/60
  • dollyaliblack5 – $8/60
  • alikotsaleblack5 – $8/60
  • likantropz24black5 – $8/60
  • agodblack5 – $8/60

Also you can try this AliExpress promo-codes:

  • exler
  • LoveShopping
  • FromChinaParcels
  • top2019
  • aliradiotech
  • agod
  • New user promo code ? NEW0328 US $6.00 for orders of US $7.00 or more
  • Promo Code ? LUCKY9 – Get US $10 off orders over $100
  • Use ? SAVE5 to get US $5 off orders over $50
  • ? aliexpress2off to get US $2 off orders over $12

Add these coupons codes in the appropriate field when you will make your order.

How To Save Money with coupon codes for Aliexpress? You can claim Aliexpress coupon code from Ali or every individual seller. Valid Aliexpress coupon gives you a unique opportunity to buy the items you want with a discount of a specified amount (in USD). All you have to do is get it and use it.

How to use Aliexpress coupon? Just add the item you want to buy to the cart and insert your Aliexpress coupon code into a text box you’ll see after clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button. Remember that all coupons have short expiration dates there’s no need to look far.

Be the first to receive special Aliexpress coupons and promotions from Aliexpress. Just come and claim hot Aliexpress 11.11 coupons before massive Ali sale of November, 11 to get things you want with an even greater deal- up to $50 off!

How It Works

First of all, check your account, if you received a coupon, it is sure to appear there. All your coupons are available in the “My Coupons” section. Below you will find an example, which shows that the client only 1 coupon for $5:

On the left side you will see the discount amount and the validity of the coupon, and on the right side written rules of use. In the example shown above, you can find out that the coupon is valid for 8 days (until 11.09.2012, 19:54: 34), it applies to a purchase that exceeds the amount of $25, but also with the condition of payment by MasterCard credit card.

Product Selection

Once you have found the product you wish or just want to buy, find the “Buy now” button and click on it. There is also another way: you can use the “Cart” button, after that you must go to your account and select the appropriate button. Then you will be redirected to another window of the site where you can confirm your purchase and reduce the cost with a coupon.

Time To Use The Coupon

It’s simple, choose the “Use Coupon” button or “Coupon Code” and click on it, indicated in the picture. Then you will see a pop-up window where will be available all coupons from your account. Next, you need to select the appropriate coupon and click on “Ok”. After that, the cost will change, depending on the discount provided.

Question: Can I use the coupon for a combined order? – Yes.

Sometimes after you click on the “Use Coupon” button you don’t see any changes. Then you should check again the final amount of your purchase, its cost should be the same or more than the amount specified in the coupon. If you have less than the purchase amount, add more items to make sure the final figure meets the requirements.

Aliexpress Coupons Statuses

In the section “My Orders” > “Transactions” > “My coupons” you will see all of your coupons.

Today you are offered 3 types of coupons on the Aliexpress:

  • Valid Coupons. These coupons you can use for ordering goods on the Aliexpress. If you want to use them, you should choose the appropriate coupon at the time of payment. At the same time, when the minimum order amount is written, the cost of the product should be slightly higher than it.
  • Inactive Coupons. Here we see coupons that can’t be used yet. Keep in mind that their activation starts from the moment the countdown appears on them, during which time you can use it.
  • Expired Coupons. These are the coupons that you didn’t use and their validity period is over.

Who Provides Coupons

Coupons provided by Aliexpress (Aliexpress Coupon) are valid for all products, regardless of sellers. Coupon, which provides the seller (Seller Coupon) can be applied only to products from this store.

Also, you should know there are some refund differences:

  • If you have used the coupon Aliexpress, you can expect partial or full compensation. That means that the coupon that you had used will not be returned to you.
  • The coupons from the seller will not be returned.


Where can I get a Aliexpress coupons?

If you decide to get Aliexpress coupons, you need to learn about all promotions that are held under the auspices of At the same time the conditions of distribution can be very different, this includes the distribution of their sites or, on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and through their business partners.

In addition, you have discounts from sellers who offer them on Aliexpress.

What products are covered by the discount coupons?

Coupons apply to any products in the catalog at the price that is specified in the card of the selected product. But remember that there is a certain minimum order value that you will see on the coupon. If you find this amount, then the total cost of the order must be greater than this minimum amount.

Can I use coupons on other trading platforms?

No, coupons are valid only for goods purchased on the Aliexpress trading floor.

If the coupon expires, can I extend it in any way?

No. You must use it before the expiration date, otherwise you will lose the discount.

Are coupons exchanged for cash?

No. That isn’t possible.

Coupons can be sent to your friends, friends or even strangers?

No. You can’t give coupons to other people.

Can I use the coupon at the same time with other discounts, promotions?

If the conditions of the advertising campaign is allowed, the right to do so. Otherwise you will not be able to do it.

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