MOTOSPEED V30 Mouse Review

Some time ago, MOTOSPEED introduced a gaming mouse called V40 for entry-level gamers. It is equipped with a commonly used A3050 optical engine program. The light stripe surrounding the mouse contour is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot of the design concept of V40, and it supports 6-color switch. But the relative regret is that the surround light gives a monochrome back-light effect and not the streaming RGB light effect.​

Therefore, in the following share of this MOTOSPEED V30 gaming mouse, you can see the latest dynamic RGB streaming light effect. Definitely the product positioning of V30 is higher than V40, adopting new ergonomic design and richer in body surface light elements. In addition, V30 increased the drive support, achieved 16.8 million color custom lighting and dynamic lighting effects. Not only that, V30 upgraded with a original PMW3320 optical engine and standard 50 million clicks switch.​

Specifications of MOTOSPEED V30:

  • Size: 128x67x41mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Mouse type: symmetrical
  • Number of keys: 6
  • Engine: the original PMW3320
  • Resolution: 500/750/1000/1500/2000/3500 DPI
  • Light: RGB backlight effect

Compared to V40, there is not much continuity in the outlook design of V30. Using a new symmetrical design, with 6-key configuration. The former integrated button layout gets back to the separated type which is the biggest change in V30, the wheel area between left and right buttons is equipped with mirror effect decorative panel. As for the overall mouse cover shell, the material is still skin-like. On the other hand, V30 improved the light stripe design: a surround-type side skirt design, showing encircling effect and extending to the tail part.