TOP 4 Great Projectors for the Home and Office

How To Choose

Finding yourself some fair priced and fun home entertainment can be a tricky business these days with tons of televisions, models and projectors etc. Though for the true in-home cinema experience, unless you have $10,000 for a 100 Inch television, then you’ll need a projector! Imagine sitting in your living room, lights down, feet up and watching your favorite blockbuster movies on a huge screen. With a projector you can enjoy that cinematic feel right in the comfort of your own home, at a very low cost. Projectors range from HD to Android based to mobile phone sized and so on, so there is definitely a projector for you out there! As well as the home projector, you can also purchase an office based projector to give presentations on, or a portable projector to take on the road with you! This blog offers 4 alternative and well priced projectors for you to choose from.

Excelvan CL720D LED Projector

Featuring digital light processing technology, this electronic device projects a clear quality image, giving you a greater viewing experience. With 500 Lumens brightness, this projector will surely brighten up your spirits and film, so that you car rest, kick back and relax. And with a large 150 inch maximum screen size, you’ll need a large wall to shine it on and you’ll also be mesmerized. From 3 meters away, you will receive an HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, making the quality of the picture spectacular. Watch your own movie collection, television, home movies or connect your laptop computer to this projector to surf the internet, watch movies at home or give presentations at the office! With an 8GB internal memory, you’ll be able to store files, movies, music or whatever you need and with a Micro SD card up to 32GB, you’ll be able to store tons of data! And coming together in this package is a handy tripod, meaning that you can place it on your table or any other surface to find the appropriate place for it, if you cannot attach it to the ceiling.

M16 LCD Projector

This High Definition Multimedia Player Projector runs Android 4.0 operating system. So not only can you run analogue or digital television through it, you can also use the Android interface, turning your living room wall into a large smart TV system! Surf the internet directly, watch movies or play music through your projector directly onto the wall or drop down screen! With a 1080p HD resolution, you’ll be able to watch everything in high definition on a large display area of around 50 -150 inches, giving you that cinema feel in HD for a fraction of the cost. Featuring 1800 Lumens, you will be able to see every detail in spectacular quality and clarity. This Android 4.0 system comes with a 4GB internal storage capacity and features a slot for an external memory card up to 32GB. That means that you can store files, download movies or whatever you like onto this device directly from the internet! And with a 1GB RAM memory, the Android interface should be fast and fluid enough to navigate seamlessly, giving you an enjoyable experience without the lag! This projector has HDMI input and thus is great for the home or the office and can easily connect to your computer to offer both home entertainment and office presentation capabilities with ease.

Original XGIMI H1 DLP Projector

This brand XGIMI television projector is an ultra-portable and stylish mini projector designed your your home. This projector comes with a handy tripod, so that you can place it on your living room table, put it in the bedroom or simply pack it into your bag and take it on the road, on holiday or business trips! With a maximum display area of 100 inches, this projector is great value for money and will still give you a large viewing area. This projector supports television, game consoles, Mp4, iPad video input as well as popular smartphone devices such as; iPhone and Samsung galaxy P1000, P7510, P7300. So this projector is great for anyone who travels often and who wants to use their smartphone through a projector. This projector is great for playing your mobile movies on or if you have a large collection of blockbuster movies on an external hard drive at home, then you’ll be able connect it to this mini projector and watch all your movies!

Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Projector

This Xiaomi portable multimedia player projector is small enough to be taken with you wherever you go but large enough to be a quality built device. You’ll be able to run television through it, home videos or movies, turning your sitting room into a large home entertainment hub! Watch movies or play music through your projector and view directly the wall! With a maximum resolution of 1080p HD resolution, you can watch all your favorite movies in high definition on a large display area of 0.47 inch. This projector comes with a slot for 16GB eMMC Flash, Bluetooth, voice and touch control! This device also features an HDMI input slot, meaning that you can connect you desktop computer or laptop within your home or simply stick this projector in your bag and take it to the office giving you both home entertainment and office presentation capabilities.