What Are The Aliexpress Top Brands in 2023?

How to find the best and most popular stores on Aliexpress with trending and high-quality products?

Top Brands: The Best on Aliexpress

The Top Brands (or Reliable brands) are best shops (sellers) on Aliexpress USA. This is a great opportunity to buy a top item directly from the popular brand, or from an authorized reseller of this brand.

Buying a top brand is your success and 100% protection against counterfeiting!

Can sellers purchase the “Top Brand” icon?
No, the logo is not available for purchase. The AliExpress system assigns this prestigious sign automatically.

See the list of “Best TOP Brands on Aliexpress 2021 below”

What is the Top Brand icon  Aliexpress badge for?
To encourage and support the growing number of Chinese sellers that selling high-quality goods and for helping buyers in the selection best products. The Top Brand icon is a comprehensive assessment of good product quality, reliable business reputation and after-sales service. Sellers with this icon are a benchmark for other stores and a guide for buyers.

Buying in the top stores has undeniable advantages:

  • High popularity, reliable stores products are always on the top;
  • The “Top Brand” products have the highest rates of popularity among buyers in the world;
  • Fashionable and modern goods, industry novelties;
  • The trademarks presented in the “Top Brand” are prestigious and high quality;
  • High rating;
  • Products marked as “Top Brand” have the most positive customer feedback;
  • Warranty and service;
  • “Top Brand” stores have the sale and after-sales best customer services.

How to Find Top Brands Icon?

The “Top Brand” icon can be seen in search results, the store pages list, the store homepage, the product details page, and other apps and pages.

Here is the list of most rating Top Brands (click on the link to see all Top Brands) on Aliexpress:

Look up your brand in Aliexpress

The vast majority of the brands sold in Aliexpress are protected, so in HaggleDog we’ll help you

Brans Search
Adidas Adey / Adi / Addas / shampooers
Alpinestars A STARS
Asics ASKS
Burberry BUR / Berry
Calvin Klein C K
Chanel CC
Diesel Die / Dies / Diezel / Dsl
Ecko Rhino
Emporio Armani A X / E A
Hollister H C O / Hollistes / Hollistants
Lacoste Crocodile / Croc
Louis Vuitton L V
Mizuno MZ
New Balance N shoes
Nike NK
Oakley O
Prada Pra / Prad / Prd
Puma P-U-M-A
Ralph Lauren Horse / R L
Ray Ban RB
Rolex ROLE
Tommy Hilfiger Tommis
Yves Saint Laurent Y S L
Zara Zar / Za
philipp plein Philpp, philippe,Philipp
Armani AR, Ea7
Citizen AT/BR
Levis Lev/Levs
Hugo Boss HB
Victorias Secret VS
Michael Kors MK
American Eagle AE
Aeropostale AERO
Dr Martens martin