What Zombie Survival Gear Should I Have?

Your Essential Gear to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse!

So, you spend your whole working day restrained by 4 walls, a computer and a dream. The dream is about breaking out and destroying all those pent up feelings, brought upon by so many damn rules! And most days you manage to release a part of this energy, by sitting in front of your prized HD flat screen TV and watching some bloodthirsty blockbuster! Comfortable on your nice cushioned couch, cup of tea or cool beverage in hand, you stick on your favorite Zombie flick!! But what if this fantasy, suddenly became a reality? There have been many worldwide events in the news recently suggesting that zombies aren’t just movie extras, but are real!! They are on the streets already! And this is not to mention the latest flesh eating viruses! It could all be coming to a head! Yes, your head!

So it’s now happened! The Zombies are here! What are you going to do?

Weapon: Axe

The old head buster. It just wouldn’t be the same without it. One swoop, one down! Smash into a store in the Mall and you’ll get the Axe!
You’re at the Mall and suddenly in the corner of your eye, whilst clasping a carton of milk mid supermarket, you spot a hundred drooping, drooling, lobotomized and blood soaked slithering brain eaters! You need to defend yourself (sort of immediately, but with time to spare), from the slow moving mosh pit, gawping and groaning in your general direction! You jump over your shopping, slipping, as you run to the nearest store to find zombie fighting gear!!

Equipment: Skull Mask

You’ll need to disguise yourself from the evil dead by posing as one of them! They’ll never know. It’ll allow you to blend in without being noticed. Raid this item from the store during the riot!

Health: Medical Kit

Keep yourself fit and fighting with a medical kit with all the trimmings!

Equipment: Cigarette Lighter

You’ll need to a handy and reliable fire starter for those night fires to keep warm which also doubles up as a zombie burner!

Equipment: Binoculars

Whether you’re scouting for a shoal of zombies to cull, or simply looking for a potential food storage facility to put some much needed calories down your neck, then you’ll definitely need a pair of sturdy binoculars!

Equipment: Tactical Backpack

You’ll definitely be thirsty on on your journey, constantly running and hiding from the threat of having your brain eaten at the hands of the zombie crowds!