Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is currently the best multipurpose wearable device you can buy in the market. Complete with an array of features at a great price, it is the most affordable wearable customers can get at present.

However, the low price factor is not applicable to all. Mostly customers from abroad have to pay extra to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from online stores. Now, you have the opportunity to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on Gearbest or AliExpress. Also, you can use the coupons to avail of the offer.

These smartwatches have the international version for US buyers. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 have new 0.78 inch scratch-proof OLED display. With the one touch access button users will be able to access digital clock, steps taken the counter, heart rate monitor, and more. It offers a simple to use interface without any hassle. The pedometer has a better and advanced algorithm installed. Users will be able to exactly measure the number of steps taken by the user. This band also comes with a sedentary alert. Thus, users will be able to know if they have been idle for too long.

You will be able to pair your Mi Band 3 with your Smartphone and get the vibrational alert for any call or message. Gesture recognition activates the band when the user lifts the hand. The extremely light 7 grams.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a must have device for modern and successful people.