Sound Made Smart | The Xiaomi Mi SoundBar is a stunning hybrid

The Mi SoundBar certainly makes a statement, seamlessly merging three different functions into a single device. Naturally, its primary function is a speaker, complete with dome tweeters and mid-range subwoofers. It also operates as a fully functional TV host with plenty of ports for great connectivity options for the perfect setup. Last but not least, the device also serves as a powerful Mi TV Box. Bottom line: you get the full smart TV experience with a single integrated device.

The innovative Mi SoundBar sports a premium metal body with smooth aluminum panels, effortlessly transforming TVs, displays, and even projectors into a feature-packed smart TV. Now let’s get the scoop on this nifty gadget and see how cool it actually is!

HiFi Sound Quality

The Mi SoundBar comes with an independent audio system that includes 4 mid-range subwoofers and 2 tweeters, delivering richer, punchier bass with stunning highs for audiophiles. It has a large 2L chamber volume, allowing the volume to reach up to an incredible 102dB (C), enough to send resonance across a massive 500 square meters (5400 square feet) space. It’s also equipped with the latest in Dolby Audio Technology for an authentic theater-like experience. With the Mi TV Bar, hearing truly is believing.

Smart Family Entertainment Hub

To the naked eye, it looks like a classic sound bar, but inside it packs a powerful MStar 6A928 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB flash storage. In short, this allows it to have the remarkable functionality of a Mi TV Box. A sizeable selection of popular TV shows, Hollywood movies, variety shows, live broadcast, sports, animes, and documentaries are all available here. Full connectivity options deliver the freedom to connect any devices you want, including close-circuit television, TV boxes, computers, game consoles, music or DVD players, laptops, and external storage solutions.

The real star of the show is the Mi Port, a major innovation from Xiaomi. While most TVs currently on the market can hang on your wall, they still necessitate messy dangling wires. With the Mi SoundBar, you can now wire and connect everything to the bar as a versatile unifying hub to reduce clutter. Through the ingenious Mi Port, you’ll also gain access to MIUI TV, Xiaomi’s Android-based smart TV platform. And with the built-in Smart Family App, you’ll be able to comfortably manage all the data and access across multiple TV and Xiaomi smart home devices.

With dazzling HiFi audio quality, powerhouse performance, and truly smart family entertainment hub functions, the sleek Mi SoundBar has everything you need to be the ideal smart companion in your living room.